Spider challenge the newest attraction in Steady Brook

A six-storey obstacle course is the newest attraction at the base of Marble Mountain, as adventurers head to western Newfoundland's latest outdoor challenge.
A new Spider Challenge is Steady Brook has some more adventurous tourists heading out to try their hand at the six-storey obstacle course. (Colleen Connors/CBC)

A six-storey obstacle course is the newest attraction at the base of Marble Mountain, as adventurers head to western Newfoundland's latest outdoor challenge.

The owners of Marble Zip Tours in Steady Brook have expanded their adventure tourism business to include the Spider Challenge, a set of rickety platforms to test one's balance and bravery.
At the end of the Spider Challenge waits a zip line that takes participants over the pond to finish their course. (Colleen Connors/CBC)

Matt Holland, from New Brunswick, went through the course this week and said it's a great activity for anyone looking for something unusual to do outdoors this summer.

"It's really well set up. You can pretty much go through it on your own so you don't need a guide and it's really fun for anybody, even if you're scared of heights. It's really challenging but it's safe, it's just a lot of fun," said Holland.

Martin Flynn, owner and operator of the site, said he wanted to make a course for people looking for something a bit more challenging than the average summer activities.

"The difference is a zip line, when you go and when you step off the platform, there's no more work involved, basically gravity will get you to the other side. With a high ropes course it's a challenge, it's so individual, and people like a challenge," said Flynn.
The higher levels of the Spider Challenge in Steady Brook may not be for the faint of heart, taking challengers up to six-storeys in the air. (Colleen Connors/CBC)

Sara Rowe, who took the challenge, said it's a great way to spend some time outside, if you're up for the sore muscles that come along with finishing the obstacle.

"You get extremely exhausted once you get towards the end, you just get tired and your hands are really sore from the rope and everything, but once you are at the top, you feel so good with the view and you just feel really good," said Rowe.

"The last part on the zip line, going over the pond, beautiful. I definitely recommend."