Car crashes on the Avalon Peninsula this week were far more connected to speeding than the law requiring the removal of studded tires, says the minister responsible for administering the regulations. 

Service NL Minister Dan Crummell said there was no need to extend the April 30 deadline for removing studded tires even though wintry weather made for slippery conditions. On Tuesday alone, about 10 vehicles crashed on the Outer Ring Road. 

"Accidents like we've heard over the last few days, like there's a lot of slush on the roads, has to do with people having to drive according to the conditions, no matter what they have on their tires," Crummell told CBC News. 

Crummell said while some drivers may have a lot of faith in their studded tires, they tend not to have peak performance the weather that is typical during early spring in Newfoundland and Labrador. 

"Usually, they are very effective when it's really cold and icy," he said. "So this time of year, snow comes down and it's gone the next thing [or] a few hours later. Very rarely does it stay on the ground."