Final day for Special Olympics in Corner Brook

Saturday marks the last day for the 2016 Special Olympics Winter Games in Corner Brook, after a week of skill, competition and fun.
Athletes took to the medal podium after Friday's figure skating event at the 2016 Special Olympics Winter Games in Corner Brook. (CBC)

Saturday marks the final day of the Special Olympics Winter Games in Corner Brook, after an emotional week of competition and fun.

Throughout the week, many athletes have stepped onto the podium to receive a bronze, silver or gold medal — always cheered on by an enthusiastic crowd of supporters and friends.

Peter Burt helped organize the medal ceremonies. He said they're an incredibly joyous event.

"They are just as excited for the other athletes as they are for themselves and there's a lot of raw emotion," he said.

"Not just the athletes, but the friends and family. It's a very touching thing to be a part of."

'It's a fabulous sportsmanship'

There were 1,281 medals handed out to more than 600 athletes over the course of the games, but Burt said winning medals wasn't the sole focus of the week.

"We award gold, silver and bronze because that's the structure of it, but it isn't win at all else," said Burt.

"It's a fabulous sportsmanship. The competition is just a pleasure to be around and to see."

Closing ceremonies Saturday night

Athletes from across Canada came to Corner Brook, marking the first time the Special Olympics has been held in the province.

The games will close on Saturday with a day of snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, curling and floor hockey.

The closing ceremonies take place at 7 p.m.

With files from Colleen Connors