The SPCA in Happy Valley-Goose Bay has a plan in place to round up stray dogs in Natuashish and place them in foster homes in Halifax.

Bonnie Learning, the group's vice-president, said SPCA volunteers will fly to northern Labrador community shortly and with the help of members of the Natuashish fire department, their plan will be to round up about 50 of the roaming animals. 

"To get as many animals out as we can at this particular time, to remove some of the producing females to control the pet population," said Learning. "That way, to stop them from breeding with these wilder, more aggressive dogs."

Child mauled by dog

Earlier in March, a nine-year-old child in the community was mauled by a roaming dog.

After that incident, the Natuashish fire department issued a letter to residents indicating that any dog found roaming off leash would be shot on sight.

Natuashish band chief Simeon Tshakapesh later rescinded that order.

Recent estimates put the number of roaming dogs in Natuashish at 300. Many of the animals on the outskirts of the community are feral and aggressive.

Learning said the SPCA's plan is a short-term measure, and the group will work with the band council of Natuashish to figure out a long-term way to control the community's dog population.