Spaniard's Bay couple who foiled robbery tired of area crime

Martin and Brenda Seymour of Spaniard's Bay are concerned about rising crime, and the steady parade of armed robberies in their area.

Couple stopped a robbery in the town earlier this week

Brenda Seymour saw something unusual early Tuesday morning - three men preparing to rob a convenience store across the street from where she lives. (CBC)

A couple in Spaniard's Bay who stopped a robbery from happening this week is speaking out about rising crime in their area.

Martin and Brenda Seymour, like many of their neighbours, are concerned about the steady parade of armed robberies in the region.

The Seymours live across the street from A-1 Convenience, where three men were preparing to rob the store early on Tuesday — until Brenda Seymour, who was up for work, called police once she realized what was happening. 

"It violates everybody when this happens, it makes you feel helpless," she said.

"And it makes you feel, is this ever going to end?"

Martin Seymour pursued the would-be thieves in his vehicle through Spaniard's Bay and Bay Roberts — and finally to a dirt road where commuters park. After parking their truck, the men started running through the woods.

"Within thirty seconds to one minute, the RCMP — God bless them — they were right on my back," he said. 

The Seymours have lived in Spaniard's Bay for years.

Martin Seymour said foiling one crime means a lot.

"To do something good to help somebody else, it was fantastic," he said.

"It's time for this to all stop. Everybody's sick of this."

Brenda Seymour has spoken with the convenience store owner since Tuesday's incident.

"He calls me his guardian angel. Well, I was just happy to help."