The Newfoundland and Labrador government is again reducing the number of moose licences issued in the province.

The number is down by 1,500 this year, raising the ire of the Save our People Action Committee.

The group has been in place for several years, lobbying the provincial government to reduce the moose population.

Eugene Nippard speaks for SOPAC.

"It's terrible ... it's a sad day for SOPAC and the people of this province, because we're trying to get this under control, and this is a step in the wrong direction," he said.

It's the second year in a row there's been a big reduction in the number of moose licences issued. Last year, the number was cut by 630.

SOPAC believes the current estimated population of 120,000 animals is too much. Nippard says the province should be doing more to reduce that number and, in turn, cut down on moose-vehicle collisions.

Still, more than 31,000 licences will be handed out this year, with the biggest reduction on the west coast of the island. One exception is Gros Morne National Park, where an additional 100 licences have been issued.

Nippard says overall the province is moving in the wrong direction.

"They should have increased the licences, to start decreasing the number of moose. We can't let the island over-populate without a plan in place to protect us."