The Canadian military has returned to a small village on Newfoundland's Bonavista Peninsula with soldiers replacing a temporary bridge erected in the wake of Hurricane Igor.

Trouty, a community of just a few dozen households, was upended in September when Igor blew apart an old bridge and wiped out the only road. The village was one of the communities where the Canadian Forces were dispatched in the wake of the storm.

Soldiers put up an emergency bridge for the winter, and on Saturday began removing it.

Maj. Rick Nolan said people in Trouty were grateful for the military's help.

"One woman came by and said it's great to see her little green ants back at work. She lives up on the hill and looking down at us, like little green ants working," Nolan said in an interview.


Rick Nolan said residents of Trouty welcomed soldiers back, months after they set up an emergency bridge in the community. (CBC)

A dirt road with a culvert now reconnects Trouty to the rest of the peninsula's road network, and plans are afoot for a permanent bridge.

Resident Sylvia Hiscock said people in the town have much appreciated the aid.

"I guess it's sad to see them leaving, but we're happy that they came and helped us out at the time of the storm," she told CBC News. "We're gradually getting back to normal now."

The Newfoundland and Labrador government has budgeted $121 million for Igor-related repairs to bridges, roads, culverts and other infrastructure. Of that money, $56 million is budgeted to be spent this year and next.