The trial for accused rapist Sofyan Boalag was postponed Monday morning at provincial court in St. John's after Boalag, 35, fired his two lawyers.

Boalag wanted to tell the court why he fired his lawyers, but Judge Pamela Goulding said it was unnecessary.

Boalag's now former lawyer Jason Edwards told the court that Boalag said for them "not to do anything whatsoever" with the case. In other words, he wanted them off the case entirely.

The Crown said it is not happy with the latest development in the Boalag case, and they are ready to proceed with 50 witnesses prepared.

Crown prosecutor Kathleen O'Reilly said she is concerned a lengthy delay in the case could impact on the lives of alleged victims and hurt the Crown's case, but conceded the court's hands are tied.

O'Reilly questioned what Boalag's motive was for firing his lawyers.

"Who would he have confidence in" after this?" she asked.

Boalag is facing 23 charges related to sexual offences, including sexual assault causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon, and carrying a concealed weapon.

All of the incidents in question took place between Aug. 1, 2012 and Dec. 9, 2012, all in St. John's. 

Each of the incidents involved weapons. In five of six cases, the weapon was a knife. In the case involving a girl under the age of 16, the weapon was a piece of wood. 

Boalag is also alleged to have stolen from some of the women.

The case is set to be back in court on Aug. 25.

With files from Glenn Payette