For every person who participated in a poll rating high school girls in Torbay based on their looks, more have come out to blast the person who created it and champion the teenager who fought back.

Lynnelle Cantwell's Facebook post responding to cyber bullies who created a poll on social media site called 'Ugliest girls at hth' has generating much praise and attention.

Lynelle Cantwell bullied teen

Lynelle Cantwell is at Grade 12 student at Holy Trinity High school. (Facebook)

Cantwell, a Grade 12 student at Holy Trinity High school in Torbay, learned Monday she and other students had been ranked in the anonymous poll, and soon took the bullies to task in her own online post.

Since speaking with CBC News and others news outlets over the last 24 hours, reaction has been swift. Unlike the typical vitriol online comments, the responses were positive and praised Cantwell for her response on Facebook.

"It's raised my confidence a lot. I will never be able to repay back the feelings people have been giving me," Cantwell told CBC News Thursday morning.

Cantwell said all those positives messages she's been receiving from friends, family and strangers cancels out the negative poll.

Lynelle Cantwell facebook post comments

Dozens of friends and family commented on Cantwell's Facebook post, supporting her for standing up to the hurtful poll. (Facebook)

"At first I was like, 'Wow, if I'm number four I must be ugly,'" said Cantwell.

"So those 12 people are wrong if thousands of people are telling me I'm beautiful."

Meanwhile, the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District said it's aware of the incident and is looking into it.

"The school administration has addressed this matter with the student population and provided information to parents and guardians," said a district spokesperson.

The district has also reached out to the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, and said the poll is in contrary to the Safe and Caring Schools policy.