Snowmobile catches fire, explodes near Hampden

Here's a story about four guys, an exploding snowmobile and the GoPro camera that captured it all.
Submitted by Nick England. Four snowmobilers walk away unharmed after one machine explodes 1:49

Here's a story about four guys, an exploding snowmobile and the GoPro camera that captured it all. 

On Wednesday, Nick England, Jamie Seymour, Trevor Hudson and Joey Walsh were snowmobiling near Hampden on Newfoundland's west coast when one of the machines began leaking gas. 

Once Walsh got off of his snowmobile in a wooded area near Taylor's Brook Road, the machine caught fire.

"Flames shot out the side and it just went out of control from there," England said. "There was no stopping it." 

"None of us knew what to think. We were so caught off guard."

'Almost like a heat wave'

If that wasn't bad enough, the machine exploded — twice, knocking the men off their feet.

"When it exploded, it was almost like a heat wave hit us in the face. It was crazy," England told CBC News. 

There were no major injuries, but England said some of his friends received small burns from hot pieces of metal that flew from the snowmobile.

England said they don't know what caused the explosions, and he doesn't think they ever will. There is nothing left of the machine. 

Walsh is left without his snowmobile, but England said he is trying to convince his friend to get a newer, more reliable snowmobile.