Serious snow and rain: Is Sheila picking up her brush?

Southern, eastern and central Newfoundland can expect significant snow and rain Monday, according to Environment Canada.

Environment Canada issues special weather statements for much of Newfoundland

Much of eastern, central and southern Newfoundland and expect significant snow transitioning to rain from Monday morning through to Tuesday, says Environment Canada. (Submitted by Lillian Patey)

March 21 is the first calendar day of spring, but it's not going to feel like it for much of Newfoundland.

On Sunday, Environment Canada issued several weather statements and warnings for the eastern, central and southern parts of the island.

Accumulating snow — 10 to 15 centimetres over central Newfoundland on Monday morning, will turn into freezing rain and then as much as 15 millimetres of rain as temperatures rise over Monday night.

Newfoundland's southern coastline, from Channel-Port aux Basques to the Burin Peninsula, can expect slightly more snow, 15 to 20 centimetres, and then possibly even more rain; Environment Canada says more than 25 millimetres in some areas, leading to snow-melt and possibly heavy runoff with "pooling of water and localized flooding," according to the warning.

The St. John's area and the Avalon Peninsula can expect much the same pattern: snow on Monday morning, from five centimetres over the southern part of the peninsula to between 10 to 15 centimetres farther north, including the St. John's area.

The snow is expected to change to ice pellets and freezing rain to rain Monday evening, again with possibly more than 25 millimetres, and Environment Canada is warning about the resulting runoff and water pooling as well.