A snow-grooming machine spent more than a day partly submerged in shallow water this weekend, after it went through ice near Labrador City.

The White Wolf Snowmobile Club's rig ended up in the water on Friday while it was grooming a trail.

Operator Harold Clarke said his check of ice conditions showed a thickness of more than 14 inches, as well as snow packed on top.

However, the machine proved too heavy.

"When I got halfway across it just went 'whoop,' and my heart just went 'whoop,' " Clarke told CBC News.

"It almost made it [but] when we got to the soft bank, the tracks dug in and game over. I knew I was on bottom at that point in time."

Clarke said there was no safety issue, but it took a bit of time to get the machine out.

On Sunday afternoon, two other machines were able to pull it out of a thick layer of broken ice.

"Now that we got it up here, at least it's not going to be an issue for the snowmobiling public," said Clarke.

The club must now figure out a way to transport the machine back to the club's site, which is about 15 kilometres away.