With snow piling up in the St. John's area and a blizzard en route for Friday, some residents are starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with mountains of snow on city streets.

Gavin MacPherson and Bobbi Jo Milner were gone for a week and came back to a large pile of snow and a bank of ice in front of their home on Bond Street.

"There's nowhere for anybody to park on this side of the street. The person who lives underneath us came out this morning and took the corner off his car when he came out cause of the ice chunks on the snow bank. You can see it in the snow bank right there, the corner of his car. It's just a dirty old mess trying to get through it." MacPherson said.

"You know, I'll be pretty angry by the time I'm finished [shovelling] — but I'll be too tired to do anything about it,"

MacPherson will soon depart for Fort McMurray, leaving Milner to handle the shovelling.

She said she's saving her snow rage for later. 

Shovelling snow on Bond St., St. John's, Jan. 2, 2014

Bobbi Jo Milner and Gavin MacPherson try to make a dent in the snow that's fallen in front of their house on Bond Street. (CBC)

"This is the first real snowfall we've had. I'm sure come February, March, I might feel a little bit differently," Milner said.

Paul Mackey, the deputy city manager for public works, said less snow has fallen so far this year, but due to freezing temperatures, more snow has stayed on the ground.

"It's going to be difficult, we all recognize that. It's going to be difficult for our workers too, but they are working through following the plan. They're doing the plowing. Doing the removing," Mackey said.

But removal has been slow in many areas, because crews have been kept busy plowing.

Mackey said that will be the reality, if current conditions continue. 

"It'll be a bit tough, but we'll get through."