Snoddon | How safe is it to play Regatta Roulette?

The forecast for this year's Regatta is strong enough to encourage those who like to take their chances, writes CBC meteorologist Ryan Snoddon.
CBC Meteorologist Ryan Snoddon's Regatta Roulette Index. 0:08

No pressure for the Weatherman, right? As you know, St. John's is the only place in North America where our civic holiday all depends on the weather.

The most important factor that the decision-makers on the Regatta Committee will be looking at in Wednesday's early morning hours will be the winds.

We could have a brilliant sunny and warm day on tap, but if the winds are too strong for racing, they'll call it down.

The good news: the winds will be a non-factor on Wednesday. Winds will be light, starting northerly in the morning and rounding to easterly in the afternoon & evening.

That onshore flow will be keeping temperatures "comfortable" down by Quidi Vidi Lake on Wednesday. It looks like temps will be in the 18 C range in the afternoon, before cooling off to near 15 C by Wednesday evening.

There will be plenty of sunshine in the mix on Wednesday, with more sun in the morning and then some building clouds in the afternoon.

There's a slight chance (40 per cent range) of showers in the mid-late afternoon and early evening hours. A light rain jacket or an umbrella might be a good idea before you head down to the water.

With all these factors in mind, I've created the Original Regatta Roulette Index (see above!)

There are three options: Red Light, Yellow Light or Green Light.

In years past we've had some questionable forecasts, leaving people not quite certain how late they should stay up. However this year, the index is a Green Light. With light winds and a generally pleasant day on the way, looks like you're safe to stay up as late as you want!