A St. John's woman got an unpleasant surprise on Tuesday when she discovered an albino California king snake in her backyard.

Morrissette Denic was about to go for a swim in her pool in the city's east end when she discovered the snake coiled around the family's dog dish.

At first, Denic thought the snake was a toy, until it hissed at her.

She called 911, and emergency officials sent Troy Stuckless, a snake expert, to remove the reptile.

"They (the Denics) were quite concerned that there were going to be more in the area," said Stuckless. "They were hoping that there weren't more of these to come."

Stuckless said the snake was not dangerous, and most likely someone's pet.

"So when I told them what kind of snake it was, and that there shouldn't be any more around, they were pretty happy over that," he said.