A man who wants nearly ten pounds of excess skin removed after he lost 175 pounds of weight says the provincial government has gone back on its word to pay for surgery a doctor deems medically necessary.

Kevin Carter, of Botwood, recently received a letter from Health Minister Susan Sullivan saying a review of MCP policy on skin removal has been completed but the surgery he wants won’t be covered by the provincial Medical Care Plan.

"As far as they’re concerned, the surgery I need is cosmetic in nature and will not be insured," he said.

Carter, who is one of three people who came forward last fall to call on MCP to pay for the removal of loose, sagging skin following extreme weight loss, has a letter from his doctor, saying he needs the surgery to prevent recurrent infections.

Carter said he was overjoyed when Premier Kathy Dunderdale announced after he and others spoke out that the province would review MCP’s policy regarding the removal of excess skin.

At the time, Dunderdale said MCP would pay for the surgery if a doctor deemed it medically necessary.

"I felt confident, I thought we were going to get some help," he said.

Now, with the policy review complete and his claim denied, Carter said he doesn't know where to turn.