Groups of skaters and bikers showed up to test out a new skate park in Stephenville that was opened on Tuesday night.

The park was built in memory of Adam Piercey, who died in a workplace related accident in 2009.

Kelsey Piercey said his brother would spend hours at the park, perfecting tricks on his in-line skates.


Kelsey Piercey says his brother would be proud to see the skate park opened in his memory. (CBC)

However, a flood washed away the park in 2005.

Piercey flew in from Fort McMurray to take part in the opening.

"He would definitely have been very proud of what's going on here today," Piercey said. "And for us to be here and make it - it's great."

The town of Stephenville pitched in $20,000 to rebuild the skate park, and another $20,000 came from fundraisers.

Maria Churchill, committee chair, said the ramp only arrived over the weekend.

"We had it ordered in June and they had installed in Saturday and Sunday past," Churchill said.

About 100 people showed up for the opening of the park - many of them kids looking forward to finally having a skate park.