A Marystown man paid a visit to the steep cliffs of Friday's Cove, where his grandfather narrowly escaped death because of a shipwreck 91 years ago.

Boyd Holloway visited the site near Grates Cove where the schooner Nahada ran aground in a blizzard with Cpt. Jesse Peddle, Holloway's grandfather, and his crew of six on board.

Holloway said he's always wanted to visit the place where his family history was so nearly altered.

He said the struggle the crew went through to get back on land is hard for him to imagine.

"I'm just trying to picture having to abandon the schooner here … then getting into a dory, having that dory overturned by a wave, being in the water with their oil clothes on in the middle of December," said Holloway.

Boyd Holloway visits site of shipwreck

Boyd Holloway, from Marystown, says he's lucky to be alive today after his grandfather survived a shipwreck in Friday's Cove 91 years ago. (CBC)

"And then a wave throwing them on the beach, and spending hours there in the blizzard and trying to figure out a way, with zero visibility, of getting up those cliffs."

The crew spent hours more after climbing up the coast trudging through the ice and snow before stumbling, half frozen but safe, upon the Bay de Verde train station.

Holloway never knew his grandfather, who died of consumption six years after the wreck.

He said he feels both grateful and a bit lucky to be alive, thanks to Peddle's ability to rescue himself.