Natuashish's chief says conflict within the Labrador community's Innu band council has led him to decide not run in the next election.

Simeon Tshakapesh told CBC News on Tuesday that he is fed up with the band council pushing back against everything he tries to do.

"I left politics for eight years, and I didn't want to go back. People cried and said, 'Simeon you got to go back.' That's why I went back," Tshakapesh said.

"Now, I said, you guys [are] going to fight with me if I go back? All you do is fight with me if I go back? All you do is fight with me when I'm in the leadership, and I don't want to be part of that anymore."  

Tshakapesh said his property has been vandalized. He said he is ready to pack up and leave the community.

It's not clear when the next election will be held, but the band's annual general meeting is scheduled for later this month and an election could be called then.

Tshakapesh was elected as chief in April 2012.