Sex workers in St. John's have reported being sexually and physically assaulted by a client, sparking a warning from organizations which support industry workers.

The Safe Harbour Outreach Project (SHOP) issued a "red alert" Friday to inform sex workers about a violent client who was with women on Long's Hill and those who were doing "in-call" work.

"The client was picking them up at that location and driving to other locations in the city where the assaults then happened in his truck," the alert stated.

"More recently, reports are coming in that a man matching the same description was physically violent with women doing indoor work."

Description of abusive client

Women reported being forced into sexual services without payment or consent.

According to the SHOP alert, the man has locked women in his vehicle, kicked, punched, stepped on and, in one case, reportedly "grabbed a woman by the hair and smashing her head off the windows and dashboard of the truck."

The man, who is described as having a "beer gut" and "nasally-sounding" voice, is said to be driving a red GMC pickup truck.

The alert issued by SHOP, which was posted to its Facebook page Friday, said it received multiple reports from numerous women about the violent client.

The perpetrator is described by sex workers has having being 140 to 150 pounds, with strawberry blond to grey blond hair, light green or blue eyes and very blond eyebrows and eyelashes.

He has tattoos on his arm, and he uses a three letter name, SHOP said.