A group of more than 200 residents of the Labrador community of Sheshatshiu unanimously decided Tuesday to hold new elections in December, but the community's chief says the elections may not happen.

"The chief and council did not recognize that meeting because the chief and council did not call that meeting and that's all I'm saying," said Chief Sebastien Benuen Wednesday.

Benuen told CBC News he is seeking legal advice and will have more to say on the matter before the end of the week.

A public meeting was called Tuesday night because some residents said the chief and council haven't been visible and have done little for the community.

Max Penashue, who helped organize the public meeting in the Innu community, said the fact that Benuen and most of the council didn't attend speaks volumes.

"They were invited here, but they never showed up. That's the kind of leadership we have right now. They don't want to face the people," said Penashue.

Michael Rossignol, another organizer of the meeting, told CBC News he plans to run in the next election.

"That's past now. Now we've got to look towards the future, continue working together. It's a step in the right direction," said Rossignol.

In early November, more than 100 residents of Sheshatshiu gathered at the band council office to protest spending decisions by the chief and council.

The group of concerned residents want the election to be held on Dec. 15.