Sheshatshiu family believes house is making them sick

A family in Sheshatshiu says the poor state of their house is causing their kids to become sick.
Ben Penashue sits with his son Meshkuss who now relies on puffers to help with his breathing. (CBC )

A family in Sheshatshiu says the poor state of their house has caused their kids to become sick, including an asthmatic boy whose condition is worsening because of mould and dust.

Melissa Penashue and her husband, Ben Penashue, have seen their three children's health decline since they moved into the home last summer.

Young Starla Penashue points to her family's mouldy bathroom. (CBC)
"I don't want get them too sick. That's what I'm worried about," said Melissa Penashue

Penashue said in addition to her eight-year-old son's asthma, her baby is now coughing so much that he requires a puffer too.

The family's doctor has told them the boys' lungs are being hurt by the mould and dust buildup inside their home.

The Penashues have complained to the Sheshatshiu band council, which owns the home, for seven months, and their doctor has even written directly to the band chief asking for help. 

But Ben Penashue said they've gotten nowhere.

"We waited, we tried to be patient with them — but our kids are getting sicker and sicker," he said. "I don't want them to end up in the hospital for something that could be changed and fixed." 

The band office will only say it's aware of the problem.