Sheilagh O'Leary and Dennis O'Keefe, September 2013

2013 St. John's mayoral candidate Sheilagh O'Leary raised a total of $90,836 in campaign contributions, while Dennis O'Keefe collected $57,825. (CBC )

The City of St. John's has released the details of campaign contributions for candidates in last fall's municipal election, and the numbers show those who raised the most money were the ones elected — except in one key race.

In her bid to become mayor, Sheilagh O'Leary raised considerably more money than any other candidate.

Contributions to her campaign totalled $90,836. 

Mayor Dennis O'Keefe raised only two-thirds as much, but was still re-elected. O'Keefe's 2013 contributions totalled $57,825. In 2009, he collected $46,650 when he ran for the mayor's seat.

The third mayoral candidate, Geoff Chaulk, raised $400.

O’Keefe defeated O’Leary by 15 percentage points. O’Keefe garnered 20,047 votes, while O’Leary took 14,375.

In the race for deputy mayor, as well as each of the five wards and the at-large category, councillors who raised the most money were also the ones elected.

Deputy Mayor Ron Ellsworth raised $49,000 compared to his competition, Jennifer McCreath, who declared only $250 worth of contributions.

According to the city's election finance bylaw, contributors who gave more than $250 must be named.

A complete list of 2013 campaign contributions is posted on the city's website.