A few Newfoundland and Labrador musical icons got together to make a new music video.

Shanneyganock premiered Music & Friends on its Facebook page Thursday morning, and by mid-afternoon it had racked up nearly 50,000 views and thousands of shares.

The video features vocalist Mark Hiscock singing with the legendary Bud Davidge, and has been a work in the making.

Shanneyganock Mark Hiscock

Shanneyganock's Mark Hiscock performs at Erin's Pub in Music & Friends. (Up Sky Down Films)

"This all started a while back, myself and Mark [Hiscock] and Alan Doyle and a couple others put together a benefit for O'Brien's Music store that time it got in trouble, and we were talking to Bud and Bud got up and sang with us," said Shanneyganock's Chris Andrews.

"We always said we'd do it, and this album we finally got around to doing it and gave Bud a call and he was all in for it. So it was a great experience and great to be able to perform with a musical icon like that."

Roger Maunder directed the video that features some familiar downtown St. John's scenes and faces. It was produced by Up Sky Down Films.

Check it out in the video player.

Shanneyganock releases new music video with Bud Davidge1:32