New Brunswick molasses maker Crosby's is attempting to give a new face to its 125-year-old product with an ad campaign that's shedding some light on Grandma's pantry and who wants to get into it.

"Oh, pardon me and my sweet tooth! Pop says I'm insatiable," exclaims the character Grandma Fancy in a video created for Saint John-based Crosby's Molasses by marketing firm M5.

The 'Bake it like Grandma' ads are steeped in sexual innuendoes that have an older woman, who could be anyone's grandmother, winking and suggestively explaining her recipes.

There are currently two videos featuring Grandma Fancy — one in which she shows off her cookies and another in which she experiments in the kitchen with sticky buns.

Both have been posted on the Crosby's website and can also be seen on YouTube. Three more videos have been made for the campaign.

'Huge opportunity'

Chief executive officer Lorne Goodman said market research showed the majority of molasses consumers are seniors. He said Crosby's is hoping that the Grandma Fancy campaign will attract a younger clientele.

"We realized that, gosh, there's a huge opportunity for us if we can somehow catch the attention of the younger generation," Goodman said from Paris during an interview with CBC News.


Can molasses be sexy? Have your say.

With that came Grandma Fancy, whose name is a play on the company's brand Crosby's Fancy Molasses.

Grandma Fancy uses such lines as, "Now roll it up into a jelly-roll style into a nice, thick package. Look, I can barely get my hands around it!" She finishes the line with a wink.  

"I guess I saw the first ad and looked at it and said, 'Oh wow!' By the time the fifth ad came, I said something significant, like, 'Holy moly!' " said Goodman.

In the first week alone of the campaign, Goodman said, Crosby's attracted tens of thousands of page views, something that had never happened before.