The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary says a report of a sexual assault on the walking trail near the Fluvarium in St. John's over the weekend was a false complaint.

Police responded to a call on Saturday night, but RNC Const. Steve Curnew said Wednesday that the RNC determined that the incident never happened.

"At the time, the investigation was deemed to be high priority and the RNC utilized numerous resources in that investigation. We have since concluded that investigation, and have deemed this complaint to be false," Curnew said.

"No assault occurred on this path at any time, and we want to advise the public of such and that there is no immediate threat that there is a suspect out there."

According to Curnew, the woman who reported the sexual assault was taken to the Health Sciences Centre in an ambulance, and six to seven officers were involved in the investigation.

He said false reports could lead to mischief charges for the complainant, but that the investigation officers decided not to charge the woman who made the call to police.

Curnew said police take reports of possible sexual assault very seriously, which is why they were quick to act on the report.

"We know through crime stats that a lot of sexual assaults go unreported and we certainly don't want to take away from that fact," Curnew said.

"We, I think, would much rather have an investigation lead to a false complaint than actually have a victim of sexual assault."