The mayor of Happy Valley-Goose Bay is calling on the federal government to reverse changes to the temporary foreign worker program.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the town council said businesses in the town have become reliant on the foreign workers in the last five years.

Mayor Jamie Snook said the moratorium implemented by Ottawa earlier this month is causing a lot of stress for both the workers and business owners in his region.

According to Snook, the town may end up losing some services if the ban isn't lifted.

"With a complete moratorium there's some serious decisions that got to be made, and Goose Bay already lacks in certain amenities. We'd hate to see some of those lost because of this recent decision," he said.

"The local Tim Hortons, they're seriously considering options ranging from closing the restaurant or to just having drive-thru."

Snook said Ottawa should come up with a temporary solution while working toward change the federal program.

"What could be helpful here is if government, at very least, allowed existing workers that are in Canada to be extended, that could relieve some of the current pressure and reduce the uncertainty and allow more time to find better solutions," said Snook.

Snook said the town council hasn't spoken with anyone from the federal government, but it plans to approach MP Yvonne Jones.