Sentencing begins for former teacher

Sentencing began Monday for a former teacher in Central Newfoundland.
(CBC )

Sentencing began Monday for a former teacher in Central Newfoundland who was found guilty of luring a student.

Jody Hale, who pleaded guilty last December, delivered an emotional apology in court.

Hale had a relationship with a female student over the internet, bought her gifts, and wrote poems for her.

The judge said Hale was manipulating the girl to groom her for sexual acts later on.

Hale was almost 40 at the time, and the student was 14.

At the sentencing hearing, Hale apologized to his victim, his colleagues, and his family.

The crown is asking for a sentence between 12 and 18 months, while the defense believes 12 months would be appropriate.

At the time of Hale's trial, the judge called his actions 'single-minded' and 'predatory.' He described it as 'a truth or dare game' where Hale pressured his student to reveal her sexual history and spoke to the girl online about wanting to kiss and massage her.

The judge said she didn't accept Hale's testimony that he lost sight of his student's age and was only acting in friendship.

The sentence will be handed down on April 23. Hale will remain in custody until that time.