Tory MHA Keith Russell is asking the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay to rethink its decision to do away with a tax discount for senior citizens. 


Lake Melville MHA Keith Russell is asking the town council in Happy Valley-Goose Bay to overturn a tax decision affecting seniors. (CBC)

The town council earlier this year dropped a discount for seniors, opting instead to offer a break for low-income taxpayers of all ages. 

More than 100 people crowded into the council meeting on Tuesday night to keep pressure on the town council, with Russell — a government backbencher — lending his voice.

"I just want to say that there's got to be another way, that's not on the backs of seniors, to raise different revenue streams," said Russell, who said he has received hundreds of complaints since council made its decision. 

"I know you guys have a tough job, but the reason that people put you here, and the reason they put me here, is because they think you got the stuff, and that stuff is to work in the best interest of as many people as you possibly can," Russell said. 

'Totally wrong'

Several meetings have already been held on the issue, which has galvanized many residents of the town. At Tuesday night's meeting, organizers came armed with about 1,000 letters of support from those opposed to the change. 

"This council right here, they got to respond to the overwhelming response from the people, about something they [did] that was totally wrong," said Reg Bowers, who chairs the committee leading the charge against council. 

Mayor Jamie Snook and council resumed to other business after the presentations, but did not indicate that the decision might be reversed.