Fire alarms in the newly-opened student residences at Memorial University of Newfoundland's campus are keeping students from sleeping through the night.

The alarms have been going off at all hours of the day and night since the building opened in September.

Many students said they have been forced at times to stand outside in the cold and rain after the fire alarms have been triggered.

Memorial University spokesperson Ann Browne said they have figured out what's wrong, and now they are trying to find a permanent solution. 

"The problem that we're having is actually a vapour issue which basically is steam coming from the showers," Browne said.

"We have vestibules with the shower room to one side and the toilet to another, and then we have bedrooms at the back. And what happens is that we have steam setting off the alarms." 

While the university looks for a fix, the alarms have been silenced, but to protect students, security officers are now onsite 24 hours a day, on fire watch.