Secret documents sought in moose class-action

Lawyers for a moose class-action against the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador will be in court Thursday in an attempt to obtain secret Cabinet documents.
Lawyer Ches Crosbie is one of the lawyers representing victims of moose-vehicle accidents. (CBC )

Lawyers representing victims of moose-vehicle accidents are scheduled to be in Supreme Court Thursday in an attempt to obtain secret cabinet documents.

The lawyers are seeking to have the documents disclosed for their class-action lawsuit.

The lawsuit was launched in 2011 against the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador over its failure to control moose accidents.

Lawyer Ches Crosbie said that except for the need to challenge the claim of immunity from disclosure of cabinet documents, the case has gone smoothly.

"I'm not unduly worried about it, but of course I don't know what's in them — which is the whole reason for seeing them — there could be something quite important there, could be, I just don't know," said Crosbie.

Crosbie expects lawyers will finish taking evidence from witnesses in April. He added that the case should be ready for trial early in the fall of 2013.