Crews with search and rescue on the west coast of Newfoundland received some practical experience near Bay of Islands on Thursday.

Search and rescue technicians with the Canadian Coast Guard and the Canadian Forces took part in the exercise.

Neil Peet, search and rescue preparedness officer with the Canadian Coast Guard Atlantic Region, said search and rescue isn't about any particular agency, but bringing together the best resources available in order to save a life.

"We need to train together to ensure that when the real thing happens, we're ready to do our job," said Peet.

The crews were presented with a scenario that three people aboard a boat departed from Lark Harbour to hunt sea birds, but encountered onboard engine difficulties.

In the scenario, the people aboard the vessel contacted a family member on shore via a broken cell phone call. They failed to return to port at their scheduled time.

Rescue crews were dispatched to find the missing boat and its crew, and return them safely to shore.

Check out some scenes of the practical exercise in the video above.