The federal government gave $500,000 to help build the sealers' memorial and interpretation centre in Elliston on Friday.  


Peter Penashue, Newfoundland and Labrador's representative in the federal cabinet and Lieutenant Governor John Crosbie hold hands on Friday in St. John's after the federal government gave $500,000 towards the sealers' memorial in Elliston.

And that was enough to have Lieutenant Governor John Crosbie — the patron of the project — raise arms with the province's federal cabinet representative, Peter Penashue.

"Our government received a strong mandate from Canadians to invest in activities that celebrate our country's heritage. By supporting this memorial project in Elliston we are delivering on our commitment to strengthen our economy and support our communities," said Penashue in St. John's.

"[It] will commemorate the sacrifices of those who face hardship and danger to support their families and build the communities we call home," said Crosbie.

The Home from the Sea campaign has now raised $2.1-million dollars toward its $2.5-million dollar goal.

The money will go towards a memorial sculpture, an interpretation centre and an interpretative walking path in Elliston, on the Bonavista Peninsula.