Heidi Taylor says seal meat sales were brisk at her family's fish truck in St. John's Wednesday. ((CBC))

Seal flippers from this year's hunt are on sale in St. John's.

"It's been consistent, busy. People haven't got any seal yet so they're really looking forward to this," said Heidi Taylor, who started selling flippers and carcasses out of the Taylor's Fish Truck on the St. John's waterfront Wednesday.

Taylor said that about 1,500 flippers and carcasses were sold from her family's truck Wednesday. She said there aren't many boats participating in this year's hunt and she'll likely only be around for a few weeks.

Many regular sealers stayed home this year because prices are low compared to past years. 

Buyers paid as much as $100 per pelt several years ago, although this year pelts are fetching less than $20 each.

George Kennedy was one of the people buying seal meat Wednesday at the St. John's waterfront.

"I used to go hunting them myself but the fuel got too expensive for the travel down north. So I gave it up and I've been buying them for the last two or three years," said Kennedy.