The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary says a man the force described as "scruffy" and "aggressive" while knocking on doors in the Torbay area turns out to have a legitimate reason for doing so. 


The RNC says a man collecting information door-to-door in Torbay is on legitimate business. (CBC)

The RNC issued an advisory on Thursday to warn homeowners about "a suspicious person going door-to-door conducting a survey." 

The RNC added that the man had "a scruffy appearance" and had been "very aggressive when speaking" to householders. 

The statement said the man had reportedly been conducting a survey for Metrobus on behalf of the Town of Torbay, something that both the town and Metrobus said did not exist.

But the Constabularly later said it had been in touch with the man, who turns out to be working for a Nova Scotia company. He is conducting surveys and collecting data on towns and cities, the RNC said.