A St. John's leader for Scouts Canada has been reinstated as a volunteer, after he was suspended from his post for not following rules for screening volunteers.

In a release from Scouts Canada, the organization says it was agreed to allow Peter Hatcher to return to the Mary Queen of Peace troop, but he won't be resuming his post as group commissioner.

Hatcher was disciplined in early March by the national organization after the local St. John's chapter did not conduct one-on-one interviews with potential volunteers.

Organizers with the group protested his suspension, stating that they did not feel they were qualified to screen volunteers for potential threats.

In protest of the action, several of the other leaders resigned their positions with the Mary Queen of Peace troop.

The group would allow the applicants to work with the group, in a supervised setting, and judge from their actions whether or not they could be a volunteer.

There are conditions to Hatcher's return to the group, but Scouts Canada did not elaborate on what those conditions were.