The Liberal candidate in the riding of Avalon says he won't draw on Scott Andrews's political troubles to score points or win votes.

Andrews announced Tuesday he'll run as an Independent candidate in the district after getting kicked out of caucus in March amid allegations of sexual harassment.

Ken McDonald, who will carry the Liberal banner in Avalon, says he plans on taking the high road and wants voters to make up their own minds.

"I won't make it a part of my platform to talk about Scott Andrews, what he did or what he didn't do," he told CBC News.

"I think as people meet the candidates at the door, listen to their policies and values, they'll decide for themselves."

Scott Andrews and wife Susan Mosher

Scott Andrews and wife Susan Mosher attend his candidacy announcement at Octagon Pond in Paradise late Tuesday morning. (Peter Cowan/CBC)

McDonald said he will steer clear of making the sexual harassment controversy part of his campaign message. 

"Whatever happened, happened," he said.

"If anybody wants to find out the true story behind it or what actually happened, tell them to ask Scott that. It's not for me to decide if Scott should tell them or not."

The Conservatives have yet to choose their candidate in Avalon. St. John's laywer Ches Crosbie was rejected by the party as a potential candidate last month. 

The NDP still have not announced a candidate for the riding.