If social media is any indication, many people in Newfoundland and Labrador aren't taking kindly to the announcement that a popular brand of mustard pickles is being discontinued. 

Smucker Foods of Canada Corporation has decided to no longer produce pickles under its Zest and Habitant labels.

Mustard Pickles 2016

The company that makes the Zest and Habitant brands says it will put out a new product under the Bick's label. (Gerry Porter/Facebook)

Many have taken to Twitter and Facebook to voice their disappointment, and share photographs of themselves stocking up on the popular product. 

Some people got creative, and penned poetry — like this Ode to the Mustard Pickle which states, "Dear Mr. Zest and Habitant, why do you have to go? You are so sweet and mustardy, and we just love you so." 

Others, like Gregory Crane, used the gift of song to sum up his feelings on the subject. 

The province's Heritage Foundation has started collecting mustard pickle recipes, in an attempt to preserve the traditional treat.

Even local politicians have suggestions on how to handle the ordeal. 

The effects of the pickle crisis have seeped into popular search engines. 

Some think it will go down in the history books, calling the situation the Great Mustard Pickle Disaster of 2016. 

And forget stocks and bonds, some see great investment opportunities in the mustard pickle market. 

Not to mention potential black market opportunities for selling the pickles.

One person said they stocked up on 96 bottles of the Sunday side dish, and will sell them for inflated prices on the popular online classifieds site Kijiji.

But be warned: The seller said they "will not accept Jamie Oliver stamps as a trade."

The province-wide panic even made national news headlines.

You can't go to a grocery store without seeing something like this. 

Newfoundlanders and Labradorians have truly bonded over the shared experience.