A letter hand-written by David Folker in the weeks following Ann Marie Shirran's death was entered as evidence today at Folker's second-degree murder trial in St. John's.

The 42-year-old is accused of killing Shirran in July 2010.

The pair had a young son together.

In the three-page letter written to a friend named 'Tammy', Folker describes Shirran as "mentally ill" and says he "could not stand the sight of (her), yet I stayed for [the child]."

RNC Const. Lori Normore testified Wednesday that the letter was found in Folker's Toyota RAV 4 during a search in late August 2010.

Below is a copy of the letter obtained by CBC News.

Aerial photos of the scene where Shirran's remains were found in 2010 were also shown to the jury Wednesday.

They've been told that animal bones were collected with Shirran's remains, and that tests had to be done to determine which bones were human.

The jury has already heard that Shirran's body was dumped by Folker in a remote area near Cappahayden, on the Southern Shore, and that the remains were scattered by wild animals.

Reporter Ariana Kelland filed updates from the trial at Supreme Court in St. John's.