Sandy Hickman pumps brakes on proposal for new road to Signal Hill

A St. John's city councillor had a change of heart about his motion for a new road leading to Signal Hill.

Just one day earlier, Hickman pushed city, province, federal government for feasibility study

Just one day earlier, Sandy Hickman wondered whether a new main route might solve a lot of the traffic and noise problems on Signal Hill Road. (Ted Dillon/CBC)

A St. John's city councillor is putting the brakes on his eyebrow-raising solution to the Signal Hill noise and traffic problem. 

Sandy Hickman announced Wednesday that he's no longer pushing for a feasibility study into an alternate access route to Signal Hill Road.

Just one day earlier, Hickman argued that an alternate route may ease traffic congestion and noise problems in the area.

The road up Signal Hill is narrow and homes on either side are close to the road and close to the traffic noise.

The councillor told CBC News that he wanted the city, the province and the federal government to pitch in for a feasibility study on a road that would use the existing road to the Miller Centre.

Hickman argued that traffic traveling up the narrow stretch of road to Signal Hill will only worsen when the new Memorial University residence is completed in the old Battery Hotel location.

However, 24 hours later, Hickman issued a statement saying that, while he received both positive and negative feedback on the issue, he was "unable to convey the concept clearly to the public and feels it is best to withdraw the motion altogether."

Hickman anticipates the traffic concerns will only worsen when MUN's residence in the old Battery Hotel is completed. (CBC)