Thirteen years after he murdered teenager Samantha Walsh, Michael Lewis has been granted full parole.


Samantha Walsh was murdered by Michael Lewis in 2000. ((CBC))

Lewis was 16 when he murdered Walsh, 13, outside their home community of Fleur de Lys in February of 2000.

Lewis picked up his friend Walsh on an ATV and drove her to a cabin.

When she fended off his advances, he strangled her and buried her body in the snow.

Lewis stayed silent about the murder and even helped with the search for Walsh for almost three weeks before confessing and leading police to her.

Mother upset with decision

Millie Walsh said she's upset that her daughter's killer is now free.

'If he spent forever in there it wouldn't be long enough for me.' —Millie Walsh, mother of murder victim Samantha Walsh

"[It's] very disturbing for me, but to be very honest of no great surprise," she said. "Still, I was just hoping and seeking that he would've served a longer time period. I guess if he spent forever in there it wouldn't be long enough for me."

She was in a Halifax hearing room on Wednesday to hear the decision first-hand.

Millie Walsh and her husband, George, attended almost every hearing Lewis had during his time in the correctional system. George Walsh passed away last year, but the couple promised each other they'd be there for every attempt Lewis made at freedom.

Millie Walsh said she is now worried about the possibility that Lewis could harm someone else.

"I just hope and pray that he never hurts anybody else," she said. "Because he has the personality of a — he's like a chameleon."