Fisheries officials are being accused of not doing enough to protect salmon exposed to poaching by low water levels.

Dozens of rivers across the island have already been closed this summer. One of those closures recently the Northeast River near Placentia.

But some anglers said closing river isn't enough.

"Fisheries officers should be up here watching this all the time," said angler Brad Peach. "Or the poachers will be in here and get them all."

He said last week he discovered about 85 to 100 salmon trapped in a pond downstream.

"They couldn't get up any further because the river was so low, and all the rocks and everything," he said.

"They were just beating themselves up basically beaching themselves to get through."

Swam-on or poached?

Peach said when the fish are stuck in ponds like the ones he found, salmon are vulnerable to poachers. He said there is a history of poaching in the area.

A week after Peach found the stuck fish, they are no longer in the same place. It's not clear if Peach's worries have come to fruition.

But he said, to ensure salmon are not poached more protection is needed.

Angler Paul White agrees. "I have yet to see a river warden on this river," said White.

"A few of my buddies this year ... they said we were not checked this year. Nobody's seen a river warden."

Fisheries officials said they are keeping an eye on the situation.