Newfoundlander Michael Ryder will be back on the ice Wednesday night — but it will be with a different, albeit familiar NHL team.

Ryder, 32, was traded Tuesday from the Dallas Stars back to the city where he started his NHL career: Montreal.

The Canadiens play the Leafs in Toronto tonight.

The Habs re-acquired the Bonavista native in exchange for winger Erik Cole.

The Canadiens drafted Ryder in 1998 with the 216th overall pick. He played four seasons with Montreal.

But when the Canadiens didn't re-sign him in 2008, Ryder struck a deal with the Boston Bruins, spending three seasons and winning a Stanley Cup there before joining Dallas in 2011.

Ryder returns to Montreal 48 hours after earning a career-best three assists during the Stars' loss at Nashville.

This is the first time Ryder has been traded, but he's already being welcomed by his old club.

In fact, Montreal rookie Brendan Gallagher has offered to give up his number 73, which Ryder has worn during his entire NHL career.