A rarely used rut-filled back road that has taken a beating during the harsh winter has become the main entrance to Corner Brook's only trailer park.

Flooding over the winter tore away parts of the privately-owned actual main entrance to the trailer court, and the owners have said they won't fix it until the snow is gone.

So for those living in the park, that means the rut-filled road is now the only way to get in and get out.

Trailer park resident Nelson Parsons

Trailer court resident Nelson Parsons says the back road is so bad, some people living in the trailer park will not drive on it. (CBC)

Resident Nelson Parsons said some people won't even drive on the road. 

"I've watched people tear bumpers off their cars, I've put damages to my car, I've had to get up at 12:00 at night to see if my girlfriend can get up over the hill because of the road conditions," Parsons told CBC. 

"What happens if a small child gets hurt? What happens if there is a fire up there, or police services have to get up there. How are they going to get up that hill if there is snow on it?" 

Meanwhile, Corner Brook Mayor Charles Pender said the back road was never meant to accommodate a volume of traffic.

Corner Brook mayor Charles Pender

Corner Brook Mayor Charles Pender says the city has done everything it can to make the temporary back road passable. (CBC)

"We've been maintaining what is a sub-standard road as best we can to allow the residents to get out. The road wasn't designed for the traffic going over it, it wasn't built as a road as such. I hesitate to even call it a road," Pender said.

Pender said the city has spent about $3,500 into making the road passable, but that's all the city can do for now.