A 900-kilometre fundraising journey came to a buoyant end on Tuesday for 16 sailors, who also exceeded their target for ailing children.

The Run The Rock campaign saw the crew from HMCS St. John's run across Newfoundland, raising $81,400 for Children's Wish Newfoundland and Labrador.

"It just feels amazing to know that we ran the Rock — every ounce of that Trans-Canada Highway, this team did it," said team member Jennifer Power.

Jennifer Power

Jennifer Power: 'We worked so hard to raise the money that we did today.' (CBC)

"We worked so hard to raise the money that we did today. I cannot wait to present that final cheque."

The crew's final leg brought them into St. John's, where CBC hosted a finale reception that also attracted some of the children who will benefit from the fundraising effort.

One child, Brooklyn Decker, who has been battling cancer for most of her young life, learned that she will be going to Disney World in Florida.

Edie Newton, chapter director of Children's Wish in Newfoundland and Labrador, toasted the crew what their hard work accomplished.

"You created an opportunity for a child to get a good night's sleep because they could dream about a wish that was about to come true," Newton told the gathering.

"So you didn't just run the Rock - you're real heroes to us all."

Sailor Elvis Pye said the team could not have done it without strong public support.

"People say you guys raise all the money, but really it's the people of Newfoundland that have to give the money for us to be able to give it to the kids.  So the biggest thing for me is a thank-you to Newfoundland and Labrador for giving to the kids," he said.

HMCS St. John's has been backing the fundraiser for 19 years.