The Trans-Labrador Highway needs urgent maintenance, say Bobby and Jackie Compton-Hobbs.

The couple recently drove their motorhome from Red Bay to Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

They said they discovered the road was in atrocious condition, and it shook their motorhome to the point of causing considerable damage.

The stretch between Red Bay and Port Hope Simpson was one section they found particularly treacherous.

According to the couple, a rock flew up from the road and cracked their windshield and panelling from the walls and the bottom of a cupboard were shaken loose from the bumpy highway conditions.

They describe the shaking as so bad they had to tie their cupboard doors shut, and had to secure their microwave to a shelf to keep things from falling to the floor.

Bobby Hobbs said something needs to be done to make it better.

"We should have that road paved. It should have been paved like last year, not us waiting years down the road to get it paved," he said.

He said the road was so rough they had to drive at 25 km/h or slower most of the time.

As well as the damage to the structure of the motorhome, he said they had to clean an incredible amount of dust out of the vehicle. 

The couple says they have travelled the road often, but this was the first time they had ever attempted it in a motorhome.

When asked if he would ever attempt that again, Hobbs said, "It would take pavement."