St. John's city council voted on Tuesday to remove the roundabout on Old Topsail Road.

"I'm not one who will support to keep this area and then have a major accident in that area because it's poorly constructed, poorly done and then in no way, shape or form a roundabout," said Deputy Mayor Ron Ellsworth.

Roundabout on Old Topsail Road

City councillors voted to remove the roundabout on Old Topsail Road. (CBC)

​"The in and out is a disaster waiting to happen. It's time for us to remove it before someone is seriously hurt."

Coun. Tom Hann spoke in favour of keeping the roundabout because it was a pilot project "that cost a signficant amount of money".

"What did we do to educate people about using the first roundabout in this city?" said Hann. "I don't think we did very much. I wonder if we gave it a proper chance by giving the right educational programs surrounding it."

The roundabout was built in 2012 as a way to reduce speeding traffic in the area.

Residents in the area say traffic problems have worsened since the roundabout was installed.