The town of Grand Bank has been forced to shut down parts of its municipal centre, after leaks in the roof of the building caused major water damage.

Water buckets line the floor of the building, furniture has been removed or covered over with sheets of plastic and portions of the ceiling have been removed to figure out the cause of the water leak.

Mayor Rex Matthews says there's no clear indication what happened.

Grand Bank Mayor Rex Matthews

Mayor Rex Matthews says he's hoping between the community and the provincial government, repairs costs will be manageable so town groups won't have to relocate. (CBC)

"The roof just seemed to disintegrate overnight and the water damage was massive, so we have to find out what caused it. There could be some other structural damage within the building that we're not aware of," Matthews said.

The building is only 40 years old, and served as a primary school before the town took it over.

Various businesses, volunteer organizations and special interest groups share the building with the town council.

However, Matthews said many of them have been forced to move out while the damage is assessed and the town awaits repairs.

"It's pretty sad because the building is used so much by so many groups, so many individuals, that it's pretty lonely in this building at the present time," he said.

According to Matthews, the potential cost of the fix could run the town $2-million.

He has a meeting scheduled with the provincial government on Tuesday to discuss dealing with the costs, but said the town wouldn't be able to foot that kind of bill on its own.

"If we come to the point that the funding is not there then it's going to be a major decision, because you can't put this burden on our taxpayers — it's impossible. They're taxed now to the limits," he said.

Engineers with the town will assess the building late on Monday to provide an idea of what kind of repairs will be needed — and what price tag will accompany them.