A longtime friend of Ron Hynes says the well-known Newfoundland and Labrador singer-songwriter has been declared cancer free by his doctor, but he still needs months of recovery. 

Hynes was diagnosed with throat cancer last July and began cancer treatment in August.

Actor and writer Greg Malone said Hynes was told by his doctor last month that there is no sign of the tumour in this throat, but rigourous treatment for the disease has taken a toll on his friend and collaborator. 

Malone said Hynes had difficulty eating and swallowing during his cancer treatment.

"The doctors told him it takes a full six months after treatment before you get your taste buds back," Malone pointed out.

Hynes slowly recovering

Malone said Hynes was well enough to go to Toronto to visit friends just before Christmas, and he was able to spend the remainder of the holidays with family in Ferryland.

Malone also said Hynes was able to eat Christmas dinner, and his appetite seems to be coming back. But Hynes will have to put performing on the back burner for the next few months and concentrate on eating, resting, and getting his strength back.

Malone and his friends have set up a trust fund, called the Ron Hynes Family Trust, at the TD Canada Trust bank. 

"We're trying to give him a year off to not worry about playing," said Malone.

Hynes moved by support

Malone said Hynes has been deeply moved by the outpouring of concern and support for him, and he is eager to resume singing and performing.

Malone added that Hynes has been writing songs steadily throughout his cancer treatment.

"I think he has a song about God and fate, not surprisingly," said Malone.