Premier Dwight Ball confirmed Friday on an open line radio show that Grand Falls-Windsor town councillor Rodney Mercer has been hired as his executive assistant.

Mercer also confirmed with CBC News that he has taken the job.

Mercer, a teacher originally from Upper Island Cove, is a longtime Liberal supporter and once served as an aide to former federal cabinet minister John Efford.

During the fall election campaign, Mercer served on Ball's advance team. 

He narrowly lost the nomination to MHA Al Hawkins in the district of Grand Falls-Windsor-Buchans in the lead-up to the Nov. 30 provincial election.

Hawkins, the former mayor of Grand Falls-Windsor, went on to win the election and is now the minister of the Department of Transportation and Works.

Will Mercer resign as a town councillor? Will he relocate to St. John's?

He did not respond to those questions Friday.